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  Preparation of the Easter Seminar at the Occitans in full swing

Monday 5 February 2007

The young umbrella organisation of the Occitan youth, lo Conselh Representatiu de la Joventut d’Òc (CRJOC) is in the middle of the preparation for the 2007 Easter Seminar in Tarbes, in the south of France from 7-13 April. In the beginning of February a meeting between CRJOC and the board of YEN took place in Pau (Photo from left to right: CRJOC-vice-president Marie-Christine Boivert, CRJOC-treasurer Magalí Urroz, YEN-vicepresident Christiana Walde, Frederic Nadau (local preparation team), YEN-president Aleksander Studen-Kirchner, CRJOC-vice-president Cecile Chapdeuil, Pierre Sacaze (local preparation team), YEN-project officer Frank de Boer).

Apart from matters related to the content of the seminar and apart from organisational topics, the weekend was used for a press conference and a concert, with which the local communities were informed about the upcoming Easter Seminar. The Easter Seminar should give a voice to the French linguistic diversity and make it possible to work on the future together. With the knowledge and experience of all its members YEN can contribute to this.

After the Easter Seminar in 1991 at the Bretons it has been a long time since an Easter Seminar takes places again in France. It gives YEN the opportunity to explore the minority situation of the co-founder of the EU. The dimensions and background of French policies will be shown during the seminar.

With this seminar and with the Youth Leader Seminar in the autumn of 2007 that will take place at the Frisian island of Skylge/Terschelling in the Netherlands, we will have an emphasis at our seminars on the minority situation in the west. The close exposure to the real / latest minority politics of these states will give us the true comparison with the countries we visited last year – Hungary and Serbia.

The Easter Seminar will take place in the framework of the European campaign for Diversity, Human Rights and Participation "All Different, All Equal".

Already before the Easter Seminar the Occitans will organise a manifestation for the recognition of the Occitan language in France. This event will take place on 17 March in Beziers, on the Mediterrenean. At the last demonstration in 2005 more than 10 000 people gathered in Carcassonne. This number showed a strong identification with the Occitan language and culture. This year the Occitans want to repeat the success. Politically speaking 2007 will be an important year for France in general. Elections for president and parliament will cause excitement for the French citizens, who will have to vote for the first round of presidential elections on the 22nd of April. For the Occitan it is therefore all the more important to ask attention for their demands.

You can support the action with your signature:
- For associations
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More information you can find at the links below. We would like you member organisations to register for participation before 5 March 2007.

"Lengas capsús las frontèras" YEN Easter Seminar in Tarbes, France 7-13 April 2007 :
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- Official homepage of the manifestation
- European campaign for diversity, human rights and participation All Different, All Equal

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